Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CocoRosie ~ Grey Oceans

CocoRosie released a new album in May...where have I been!? (Thanks Angeliska!)

“Journeying inward, into the forest-dark ember, led by crystal light,
the voicing of whales and ancient souls passed, we embarked;
slipping with muddy foothold, on a destination-less ride through
darkened waters filled with starry-eyed daughters. We have had
many guides, some dead ones, some alive, some sisters with names
pronounceable, others, just an inkling, the last heat of summer, seeping
up, out of the evening sunned soil in september. We close our eyes,
to hear the decoration, a burnt out corn field, a sad place to remember,
the story of a heartless crow, his countless cackles haunting, his mission,
misogyny. We dual waves, heavy laden with salt, of foisted female identity,
underlying, trinity is crying, she mourns so sweetly. Heavy on our hearts,
the weight of time; the earth who lost her balance and fell into the snowy depths of industrial mucus.” ~ CocoRosie

Monday, September 27, 2010


"Tasseomancy is a continuation of what was a bare bones neo-gothic folk duo. Formerly known as Ghost Bees, Sari and Romy Lightman have begun to experiment with heavier, ambient sounds, influenced by death ritual, hebraic song, war drums, ancestry and myth. The sisters recorded their second full-length this winter with producer Taylor Kirk and accompanying band, Timber Timbre. It will be released sometime before the next thaw." via Folk Radio UK

Swan Bones Theater

Revered member of Etsy's Cabinet of Curiosities, Kelly Louise Judd...

"Swan Bones Theater is the title I gave to the fragile shadowland where I can play freely with different characters and scenarios, seeing what strangeness occurs between the two. I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my beau and two wonderful, shaggy muses: a dog, Wynsome, and a cat, Hildegarde. I have a small forest in my yard with a secret garden, and windows that look onto my overgrown cottage garden and potager garden; I will spend hours staring into these for inspiration. I love folklore, ghost stories, Victorian literature and art, psychology, Northern Renaissance art, animals, and nature, all of which have an evident influence on my work."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Timber Timbre


"I've got war paints, the skulls of saints, don't you want to see 'em
The blood of popes, and Tyburn ropes from the Black Museum
I've got Frederick Delius' finger, Wordsworth's tattoo
I'm going to love you with everything,
and I think you're going to love me too
I've got all the magic I need, all the magic I need."

~Richard Thompson~

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jesse Peper

"I encourage the freedom of personal interpretation but some of my influences come from surrealism, the Tarot, various literature of interest, anthropomorphic or totemic cultural creations of many kinds, archaic or current systems of belief and blasphemy, Renaissance, European classical iconic motif's & alchemical processes. Also, the balance of the beautiful and the grotesque, attraction and repulsion, use of symbolism organic or man-made, cycles and the transient nature of reality." Jesse Peper