Friday, May 2, 2008

Supernatural Specimens

I'm endlessly inspired by old Wunderkammer and Cabinets of Curiosity...Image Hosted by
Throughout the Renaissance, the rich collected natural specimens for display in rooms and cabinets called Wunderkamman (Wunderkammern). These collections were precursors of todays museums. The trend continued into the Victorian Era, but science started to demystify the wonders of nature, so the focus turned towards oddities and freaks of nature to invoke awe and wonder. Traveling Wonder Shows (featured things like the legendary Figi Mermaid) and Live Freak Shows soon followed to cash in on this phenomenon.

My own curiosity has led me not only to the exploration of the natural world and oddities, but to the Supernatural world. I'm particularly interested in plant folklore and magickal herbalism. I'm also fascinated with the use of natural materials in creating charms, talismans, amulets, fetishes, ect. I made these pendants below out of old specimen vials. They contain various roots, seeds, bone, ect. collected from different Occult stores and Botanicas. Each one having alleged Supernatural powers. I will be posting about a half dozen more in addition to the ones shown below. Such as graveyard dirt, snakeskin, ect...
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In addition to the aforementioned, I'll be adding all sorts of other curiosities to my Etsy shop over the next week. Keep your eyes peeled!


artgirly said...

I love the claw!!!! Ill keep checking your etsy site! LOOOVE IT!

Edgar and Edgar said...

Fabulous....I need to go shopping!!!!