Thursday, April 29, 2010

Royal Bindings by Paul Tronson

This guy accepts commissions for custom made Books of Shadows!!! I want with the Sacred Geometry combination used on the cover of Aleister Crowley's Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4. You just don't find craftsmanship like this anymore...or Magick!

The Guardian Angel Grimoire ~ Paul Tronson, Master Bookbinder

"Glowing in it's own celestial light, this photograph, taken without artificial light, or flashlight is an example of a royal bookbinding that has never been achieved before on this earth. The blessed esoteric symbols of archangels are tooled in 24 carat gold from straight lines and tiny curves. This exquisite treasure was designed to protect the owner from all draconian influence and allow their every wish to come true. Since it's inception, it can be testified that it's inscriptions have come to pass in surprising and unpredictable ways. Be careful of what you want will surely GET it!

The Grimoire has been blessed and empowered in every part of its construction with the appropriate ancient Latin verse that accompanies each individual seal and sigil during the days and hours of its planet, and is designed to allow designated owners to scribe their innermost wishes in the book and these WILL come true if and only if the wishes are designed to make a difference for OTHER people. The book is protected and blessed by the powerful entities whose seals and signatures illustrate the book and if someone attempts to use the book in anyway to do evil, then this very evil will be visited on the author of that wish - seven-fold."

"The Archangel Grimoire consists of 320 pages with hand marbled endpapers, it is full bound in veg-tanned virgin calf and coloured with 2 vegetable dyes. The Grimoire itself represents the Enochian End of Days or the Seven Angels of the Apocalypse who stand in the presence of the Lord. The centrepiece is a highly complex pentacle: The Sigilum Dei Aemeth, concealing or revealing the Greatest Name of God."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

so delicious...

The Dead Weather - Die By The Drop (Official video)

Oh Yeeees!!! I do believe Jack White has met his match!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

"It Is Finished When Seven Are One"

My pal Derrick Cruz of Black Sheep & Progidal Sons just sent news of his latest collection, The Seven Sacred Planets. Seven handcrafted multipurpose pins are available in bronze or sterling silver, individually or as a set. This is a Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, but they are available now for Pre-Order! Don't you want them all!? If I had to choose only one, it would be Mercury because Mercury is the true Gold of the Wise! Derrick is offering a V.I.P. discount to my readers, so when placing your order enter this Discount Code: 111110LLavona

"Just as the sun shines through a glass, the sun and the moon and all planets, as well as all the stars and the whole chaos, are in man." Paracelsus, Alchemist and Visionary (1493-1541)

Mercury, the archetype of the "Alchemical Hermaphrodite" or "Divine Child" which is the result of the "Mysterium Coniunctionis" or the sacred marriage between the sun king and the moon queen. The Divine Child archetype has started to act and will be acting very powerfully in our world in this new Golden Age. Another name for the Hermaphrodite is the Rebis which is the final product; the fully actualized divine child birthed from the alchemical, sacred marriage.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Come hither Beast, the time is nigh!

Can you feel the trembling deep in the belly of the Earth? Change is coming! I have my sight on 11/11/10. Aside from the obvious 11/11 vibration, 11+11+10=32 and 3+2=5. The number 5 in numerology is a number for change and is associated with the planet Mercury. In terms of Alchemy, think Sol, Luna, and the Three Principles of the Great Work. I'm starting to share some secrets again on my other blog, Savage Salvation. Maybe I'll see you there...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Have you checked out yet? It's a voyeuristic experience like the Selby. But instead of photographing creative people in their home environments stylelikeu documents fashionistas and their wardrobes. Some of the videos are difficult to sit through, but Ladyfag's video left me wanting's BEYOND! I saw this on my gypsy sister, Katelan's blog. Then just moments later I saw that Ms. Veronica iBarra, diva and photographer extraordinaire, just did a beautiful photoshoot with Ladyfag. Enchanting!

“I come from a family who had to leave their homelands due to persecution and create new lives for themselves. Growing up, this caused a lot of confusion about where I was from due to the secrecy of a family leaving bad memories behind. To this day, I don’t fully comprehend how Latvian or how Russian I am. If you ask my father, who was born in Israel, he’ll say we’re Russian. And so, without any type of exposure or knowledge of my Russian heritage, for my own sense of self, I am a Ruskaya gevotchka, a Russian girl. However, I grew up in Canada with my mother’s family, who are Hungarian holocaust survivors. If you had asked my grandmother, she would have told you that she’s Hungarian and from Czechslovakia.
I have always been drawn to gypsy nomadic cultures and as with everything in my life, the aesthetics. Left with a strong sense of identity (albeit a confused one), I went searching. I fell in love with and became a part of gay male culture and the traditions of Mexico (absolutely no rhyme or reason to that, but that’s just the way it happened). The other side of me has always had a fascination with the dark romantic fairytales, storytelling, myths, a love for folkloric costumes, gypsies, nomads, Eastern Europe, all with a Ladyfag twist. I am thrilled by the idea of getting to reimagine myself as the little Tsarina and the snowmaiden story that might have brought her comfort had she made it to the woods. I feel as if I am paying homage to my heritage and my enchantment with fashion.”
~ Ladyfag

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Faith and the Muse: Battle Hymn

Lori Earley

Lori Early's latest painting titled Lee, "The Pink Sheep", dedicated to Alexander McQueen. Oh, sweet sorrow...

Monday, April 5, 2010



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

“The storyteller an observing and interfering character, pushing and forcing us towards change and progression. Always with good intention. The collector a lover of things. He borrows your belongings, collects them, steals them and at the same time captures a little bit of you in his collection. The peace maker once a warrior. Now he is older and wiser, not so aggressive as he once was. He wants to teach you to not make the same mistakes he once have made. The traveller searches the truth, always looking for movement. The most important thing is to depart, not to arrive.” Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Florence and the Machine: Dog Days Are Over