Saturday, November 7, 2009

As promised...

the Halloween party pics...I was so busy looking around, talking and drinking I didn't take many photos! Fortunately there was a professional photographer (dressed as Karl Lagerfeld) on hand so more photos should surface soon enough! I don't even have a photo of myself! My friend JoJo, was the savior of the day! I went to this place, Fantasy Costumes earlier in the evening to rent a period costume which was quoted at around $85-100, but what they didn't tell me on the phone was there was a $275 deposit! I didn't have anything near that amount on my debit card so I totally freaked out. I grabbed a masquerade mask and a black robe that was actually part of a overpriced Voldemort costume. By the time I got to my friend JoJo's place, I was in a serious panic! He saved the day and got me dressed head to toe. I told him I wanted to be a "Phantom Oracle" since I was reading the Tarot that night. He said "time to pull out my bag of shadows" He really tapped into my ancestor's Italian Gypsy vibe...I looked like a raggedy wandering gypsy ghost with a fancy Dia de los Muertos skull face, replete with glitter and sequins. My friend SAL-E snapped one of me by candlelight reading the Tarot, I hope he emails it to me! Anyway, here's my dear friend JoJo pictured on the right with the fabulous SAL-E! Don't they look amazing!?

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The night's event revolved around a very theatrical fashion show featuring the clothing and accessories sold at Bonnie & Clyde's. Other evening highlights: a talented accordion player and violinist, the Absinthe and Champagne bar, and this guy's Lucifer Rising jacket that I was lusting after, his jacket that is...not the guy! Lucifer Rising is the name of a Kenneth Anger film, in case you didn't know.

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When I arrived at the party I found out that I would be splitting the night with another Tarot Reader. It kinda sucked because I thought I would be making more money, but I didn't really mind because reading for 3 hours straight is exhausting! I only exchanged a few words with the other reader, but she seemed lovely. Here's a photo of her in the little vignette created for us, one of many "live" art installations at the event. After my last reading was over, the night ended with me breaking the leg off of an expensive Maarten Baas chair! The leg of the chair slipped off the edge of the little stage I was on, which catapulted me out of the chair and off the stage! Luckily I'm endowed with Black Cat magick and I landed on my feet!!!

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Queen Of Småland said...

Lovely pictures! Im glad you had a good evening.
It looks like a really cosy place.It goes perfect with a glass of tasty absinthe...

kk said...

i see the other reader uses the thoth deck, i wonder which Lavona prefers ???

Tecu'Mish said...

Look forward to seeing the pic of you in your costume. I'm not at all surprised you landed on your feet!

Lady Lavona said...

kk~ I use the Thoth Deck too! Although I don't use the large sized deck because my clients (and me) have a hard time shuffling them and they usually end up all over the floor! I always suggest people buy the smaller deck because they are easier to handle.

The Thoth Tarot is a gift that keeps giving...revelation after revelation! I'm still learning from all the hidden symbolism in the deck after using it for 11's amazing! I switched over from using "The Mythic Tarot" which I had been reading since I was 14. It was one of those box sets that comes with the book, deck of cards, and a cloth to lay the cards on that indicated the positions of the "Celtic Cross" spread. I've been reading for 20 years...I just turned 34 in October!

The actual "Book of Thoth", is an essential companion to the cards, but it's so way out there, that it's difficult to comprehend even for extremely intelligent people. If you already read the Thoth deck, I recommend a book called "The Crowley Tarot" by Akron and Hajo Banzhaf. It's an excellent handbook to the cards! The authors left no stone unturned and explored every tiny detail of each card.

Charlotte Drene said...

Kooky costumes!

I like, a lot!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!

Karen from A`Musements/A Dose of Alchemy said...

What a fabulous event!!! Incredible costumes... hope to see the photos of you soon! Glad you have that Black Cat Majik and kept your nine lives intact and your feet (all four of them) on the ground after the 'chair incident' and came out of it all unscathed!

Anonymous said...

i love it!^3^春夏秋冬,民宿,