Thursday, April 15, 2010


Have you checked out yet? It's a voyeuristic experience like the Selby. But instead of photographing creative people in their home environments stylelikeu documents fashionistas and their wardrobes. Some of the videos are difficult to sit through, but Ladyfag's video left me wanting's BEYOND! I saw this on my gypsy sister, Katelan's blog. Then just moments later I saw that Ms. Veronica iBarra, diva and photographer extraordinaire, just did a beautiful photoshoot with Ladyfag. Enchanting!

“I come from a family who had to leave their homelands due to persecution and create new lives for themselves. Growing up, this caused a lot of confusion about where I was from due to the secrecy of a family leaving bad memories behind. To this day, I don’t fully comprehend how Latvian or how Russian I am. If you ask my father, who was born in Israel, he’ll say we’re Russian. And so, without any type of exposure or knowledge of my Russian heritage, for my own sense of self, I am a Ruskaya gevotchka, a Russian girl. However, I grew up in Canada with my mother’s family, who are Hungarian holocaust survivors. If you had asked my grandmother, she would have told you that she’s Hungarian and from Czechslovakia.
I have always been drawn to gypsy nomadic cultures and as with everything in my life, the aesthetics. Left with a strong sense of identity (albeit a confused one), I went searching. I fell in love with and became a part of gay male culture and the traditions of Mexico (absolutely no rhyme or reason to that, but that’s just the way it happened). The other side of me has always had a fascination with the dark romantic fairytales, storytelling, myths, a love for folkloric costumes, gypsies, nomads, Eastern Europe, all with a Ladyfag twist. I am thrilled by the idea of getting to reimagine myself as the little Tsarina and the snowmaiden story that might have brought her comfort had she made it to the woods. I feel as if I am paying homage to my heritage and my enchantment with fashion.”
~ Ladyfag


Lancerika said...

Fantastic imagery!
Love the *dark Vintagey feel*
of this video..

Camille said...

Full of personality = beauty.

Anthropomorphica said...

With the snow and the lamp post Ladyfag became Tumnus somewhere in my mind. There's something very fae there.