Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Zoophyte is the first vinyl 45 turns of Ödland. It celebrates the two years of existence of the group, on December 13, 2010, magic day of the Holy Lucie. Animal kingdoms and plant are studied in this disc, are confronted, exposed their respective strategies to preserve the life vis-a-vis chaos. On the first face, Cecidomyiidae is a species of scabious flies which reproduce at a tremendous speed, formant of fantastic families of famished females of sheets. Over the second face, one learns that the Flowering of the bamboos takes place only once per century at certain species to protect itself from the predatory ones, by submerging them under too full with food. At the XIXe century, one called Zoophyte the living beings which one could not distinguish if they were Animal or Vegetable. This disc of Ödland is located on this border, where mix the rites, the fight for survival and sexuality under the eye of Darwin. A vinyl invaluable, cordial, where Activité and Passivity are measured. Each of the 200 specimens is numbered and signed by the group.


withoutwordswouldyouknow said...

i love the world they inhabit and create.

Isabelle said...

hello, I discovered your blog by a google search, I looked each page and I returned to the first page, I'm surprised to see my band!!
Wonderfull blog, thank you!

Isabelle from Ödland

Grubenschnitzel said...