Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shop Update!

In addition to my handmade soap, I've added my new Rosewood Shea Butter Balm to my Etsy shop: 4 oz. of Love Magick! This is a great daily complexion regimen, you will never need another skin cream!


*Rosewood oil stimulates new cell growth, regenerates tissue, and heps minimize lines and wrinkles. It helps balance both dry and oily skin. It can prove useful against acne.

*Shea Butter heals a number of skins conditions including blemishes, wrinkles and stretch marks. It also effective in treating severe skin afflictions such as eczema and dermatitis. Additionally, Shea Butter's anti-inflammation properties are beneficial in soothing insect bites, new tattoos, diaper rashes, sunburns and frostbites. Shea butter is an excellent scalp and hair treatment. Shea butter restores moisture to a dry scalp without clogging pores. Hair quickly absorbs shea butter, restoring elasticity.

*Rose Quartz: Each container of Rosewood Shea Butter Balm has a polished Rose quartz crystal to keep as an amulet. A pink quartz is often called the "Love Stone." Like Rosewood, it is used in love, beauty and health magick. It corresponds to the heart chakra and the planetary vibrations of Venus.

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