Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ill Famed Spirits

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"Ill Famed Spirits is the dream and vision of Faye "The Tattooed Psychic"
and Miss Oblivious. One day many moons ago...well known doll maker Miss Oblivious, looking for adventure, decided to pack up her pirates and dolls and sail to the salty sea air of Seattle. Little did she know when she arrived there she would meet the well known Psychic Medium Faye "The Tattooed Psychic". Now Faye had been planning on world domination for sometime but felt she needed a partner in crime. One night while Faye was doing her live show...Spiritus...she saw in the audience and amazing spirit and life force with blonde hair and ruby lips. She gave that life force a reading and met her as the fabulous Miss Oblivious! They soon began to tell gypsy stories, drink ales and share ideas. They discovered that they both were ill famed and both wanted to take over the world. So Miss O suggested a TV show. Now Faye had been wanting to do a TV show for sometime and so she knew she found her perfect partner. Now Miss Oblivious has joined as Hostess of Faye's show Spiritus and they are filming all over Seattle and amazing people with Psychic demonstrations and inspiring people with Spirit Dolls." Tune in to Ill Famed Spirits TV!
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I can't wait to meet these two ladies in person! Faye and I developed a friendship through MySpace. I knew immediatly that we were destined to meet! Both of us, Tattooed Fortune Tellers with the life path number 7! And both of us grew up under the guidance of our Gypsy Grandmothers. I'm going all the way to Seattle just to attend her Spiritus event! (That's one of my goals for 2008...a much needed 2 day, mini-vacation...with no kids!) How can I resist this carnival folly...a Tattooed Psychic and tribal bellydancers! And now that Miss O has teamed up with Faye the line up gets even better!
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I found Miss Oblivious on MySpace too. I can't remember how I stumbled across her page. But I was so impressed by how many dolls she produces! I make dolls too, so I know how long all that hand-sewing takes! Her dolls are so cool, they are called Payne Creation Dolls. She creates dolls of underground punk rock icons like Darby Crash of the Germs and Exene of X. Her latest icon dolls, the "deranged, anarchic, gypsy caberet" known as the Tiger Lillies! She also is the creator of the Oblivious Nation zine. Check out Miss O's Etsy shop to see what she has available!

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Top: Miss Oblivious and her Carnie Slut Doll Bottom: my personal favorites...Spiritus Dolls
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Thank you for the inspiration ladies! xo


The Tattooed Psychic said...

My Sweet Spirit Lady Lavona:

thank you so much for kindness and support. We are Gypsy sisters! We know this! Please by all means come to Seattle aand be my guest of honor at our show. You will be welcomed with Hot Gypsy Love!
Keep up your beautiful work!

Lady Lavona said...

Me...smiling ear to ear! I can't wait! Carnival Fun and Gypsy Folly! Love love love! xo Lavona

Miss Oblivious said...

Yes come to Seattle! and thank you so much for spreading the word of Gypsy Sisters!
Miss Oblivious