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Saintisme Vaisselle: Sacred Vessel

Mediumistic automatism, automatic writing that is done in an altered state of consciousness that is attributed to spirits of the dead. It is believed by some that the spirits literally manipulate the writing utensil in the hands of the medium to communicate, as the writer is often unaware of what is being written and often even scrawls out text in handwriting that is markedly different than his own. Others believe that perhaps the spirits may also communicate by forming messages in the mind of the medium, which reproduce on the page. Most likely though, the medium is writing unconsciously and messages are formed from material in the subconscious mind or from a secondary personality that is gifted with extrasensory perception.
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Other forms of automatic writing go beyond mere messages and include drawing and painting and even music that is allegedly inspired by the dead. In some cases, mediums or individuals with little or no artistic training will suddenly feel compelled to paint or draw in distinctive, professional styles. They fell guided by a spirit, as if another hand is guiding their own. In some cases, the paintings are recognizable in the style of a famous artist. *SEE SPIRITUALISM

Surrealist automatism is different from mediumistic automatism, from which the term was inspired. Ghosts, spirits or the like are not purported to be the source of surrealist automatic messages. Surrealist automatism, automatic writing and drawing were fundamental aspects upon which surrealism was built. As long as the drawings were attributed to the subconscious, we speak of surrealist automatism. Most of us remember surrealist Salvador Dali, but not many of us know that the father of surrealism was Andre Breton, writer of the Surrealist Manifesto of 1924. *SEE SURREALISM

Personally, I subscribe to a combination of both ideologies. I believe we have at least one primary Ancestral Spirit that walks with us. I also believe we are governed by our Higher Self. Our Higher Self speaks to us in Dream Language, hence the dreamlike quality of Surrealist art. Wikipedia says "All individuals are one of the many incarnations that the Higher Self or the "real" you, sends to garner experiences on the third density, in this case, Earth. When an individual dies, the energy stream is withdrawn from the physical body. Without the physical constraint, an individual is allowed to spend more time exploring the third, fourth, and parts of the fifth densities in order to keep building a portfolio of life experiences. This is done until the energy stream is completely absorbed back into the Higher Self. This happens when all of the incarnations have achieved their main objectives, at which point the individual and its other incarnations are merged back with your Higher Self, the "real" you. The physical universe (the Earth, sun, galaxy) is within the confine of the third density. The fourth density is where dreams, astral projections, or out-of-body experiences occur. The fifth density is where the Higher Selves live."

In any case, I should mention Automatic writing is a method of Channeling. The Mystics and Sages of all ages have been practicing these techniques forever. How do you think The Bible, or any other Spiritual Scripture were written? When you open yourself to channeling, or any kind of divination or prophetic transmissions for that matter, you act as a vessel for Spirit. That being said, proceed with caution! This is not for everyone. Energy meets energy...if you are in a negative place mentally or emotionally, chances are you will attract lower level beings. These entities can do more harm than good...they are Spiritual parasites. I encourage researching the subject and Physical and Spiritual Cleansing. Cleanliness is Godliness!

Patricia Cram walks the razor's edge of the Sacred and Profane. She is an Esoteric Artist and Vessel for Vial Magazine. The Dark Mother manifest. She is offering customized "DIVINATORY COLLISIONS", embellished automatic writings. "AUTOMATIC WRITINGS INSERTED, VIA BOOK DIVINATION, INTO ANTIQUATED TEXTS. DECORATED AND SANCTIFIED." For more info click the image below.
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