Sunday, February 17, 2008


I've added some doll links of some of my favorite doll makers. See the "DOLL LOVE" category. This section will include puppets and marionettes too. I'll add more soon. I've always loved dolls. When I was a little girl, I had so many! I took really good care of them because I thought they were alive. My favorites were my old fashoined porcelain dolls. I constantly fixed their hair, straightened their dresses, and posed them neatly on my shelves. They stared at me from behind glass eyes, and sometimes they even gave me a good scare! My Aunt Terrie bought me a Charlie Chaplin vantriloquist doll one year for my birthday...he eventually had to be removed from my bedroom permanatly, my little friends were terrified of him. With the exception of a few bad seeds, my dolls loved me, watched over me and told me secrets! This beauty pictured below was made by Sarah of Black Eyed Suzie! I'm happy to announce that she is making an Edgar Allan Poe doll for me!!!
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After I dropped out of Art School my creative block magickally disappeared. I started making handsewn poppet style dolls, using velvet, beads, antique glass eyes, and other misc found objects. Each one was stuffed with herbs and other magickal components with specific magickal intentions in mind. For example, Love, Wealth, or Protection. Once I start creating a doll, they practically make themself. I always get the feeling my hands are being guided. It was during this time that my childhood notion was confirmed. Dolls do have spirits! And after further investigation, this idea goes waaay back. Wise Women and Medicine Men thoughout all cultures have made dolls and effigies as for spiritual purposes. The doll's spirit acts as an emissionary between it's creator and the spirit world. There is a sacred text called Tattvartha Sutra (That Which Is) a Jain manual for understanding the true nature of reality. It reveals that dolls, images, effigies, ect. are vessels for spirits, and therefore dollmaking is absolutly forbidden! Witchcraft! And you must remember the tales of the Salem Witch Trials? Poor old grannies burned at the stake for making poppets! Were they witches? Or just making ragdolls for their grandchildren. In any case, ask any dollmaker you know if the dolls they make have hearts and souls...I bet the answer will be YES! So be nice to your dollies!

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These lovelies were made by Lateefah Wright of Kil Studios. You must check out her website! I love love love her dolls! I hope to adopt one someday!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for linking me! Your blog is quite a treasury. I'm going to have to go through all the older posts... I've linked you on my website, as well.

I've been so distracted by jewelry, writing and other things lately, it's been quite a long time since I made a doll. I'm getting ready to make some more soon, though.

Lady Lavona said...

Thanks for stopping by Stephanie! Thank you for linking me too! I can't wait to see your new dolls. Keep me posted!

Christie said...

You have been awarded the You Make My Day Award. Come by my blog and check it out.

Barbara Canepa said...

I am very sorry for my bad english.I'am italian..
Your blog is fantastic!
Your universe is much similar to mine.I am an artist et writer and if you have you want to see my blog, you will understand... ^___^

Anonymous said...

Hi Lavona,

Thanks so much for including a picture of the Contessa on your blog! She just loves the attention...Can't wait to send you pictures or Edgar...I'll be in touch soon!