Friday, February 8, 2008


My friend Robyn Von Swank is coming to stay with me for a week here in Chicago! I'm super excited! She's an amazing photographer and assemblage artist. She's going to shoot my products and we'll also work on a few theme oriented photo projects that will support the products and services of BELOVED & CO. I'm going for the whole NeoVictorian aesthetic. She's is the only photographer I know that can capture the images how I'd like to see them. She has a really impressive portfolio and has worked with many Eccentric Personalities. For example, the Queen of Rouge Taxidermy, Sarina Brewer. I should devote an entire blog about Sarina at some point...she's phenomenal! Meanwhile visit her website Custom Creature Taxidermy.

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This photograph is one of my favorites! The model here is genius, Thomas J. Kuntz, creator of art and automata. When I'm rich and famous, I would love to commission him to make me a Victorian Fortune Telling Penny Arcade Machine...Madame Fortuna...Knows All...See All! HeeHee!

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Did I mention Robyn makes fabulous Cabinets of Curiosities? They are available to purchase on her website! However, if you'd like to view more of her Photography, go to her Myspace page. She's a busy bee and I'd imagine she hasn't had the time to update her site! She recently moved to Hollywood and I think she's gonna be a big deal out there soon. So if you'd like to work with her now, before she's too busy!

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Christie said...

It's official, y'all are doing the most interesting things. I can't wait to see what's going on next.

liliesandether said...

wow, your friends work is amazing!! I want to add a link to her website on my website, if that is ok with her...:)

Digital Placebo said...

93~ Greetings from Vancouver BC!

Ran across your blog, I love's nice to see someone pursuing the great work!



October Effigies said...

I love her. Shes funny as hell in person.