Thursday, April 17, 2008

Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy

I might turn my nose up at this book if it didn't have Thurston Moore's stamp of approval... you know it's gotta be good! I'm a huge Sonic Youth fan! When he found out about Abby Banks photo project, he jumped on the bandwagon to make sure it got published. I can't wait to get a copy!

"Punk House features anarchist warehouses, feminist collectives, tree houses, workshops, artists' studios, self-sufficient farms, hobo squats, community centers, basement bike shops, speakeasies, and all varieties of communal living spaces. In over 300 images of fifty houses in twenty-five cities in the US, photographer Abby Banks finds the already weathered face of a seventeen-year-old runaway; the soft hands of a vinyl junkie (record collector); the mohawked show-goer; the dirty dishes in the sink; silk screened posters on the wall; and many other revealing glimpses of these anarchist interiors."
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Photograph from PUNK HOUSE

In October of 1993, on my 18th B-Day. I packed up my friend's old Chevy Nova (I think it was a Nova) to the ceiling and moved into my first "Crash Palace" with my beloved cat, boyfriend, gal pal, Shannon...and all our friends at one time or another! On any given night there was a party, Jager in the fridge, packed bong, and yes, dirty dishes in the sink (which is strange because I only recollect eating Ramen noodle cups when dining in.) My Joy Division "Love will Tear Us Apart" poster covered the spot where my crazy boyfriend punched a hole in the drywall during one of our lovers quarals. Good Times...Ha! By day we smoked expensive cigarettes and coffee (that covered breakfast and lunch!) and discussed everything from Philosophy to Quantum Physics. Since then I've lived in a 7000sq. ft. warehouse loft space that doubled as Art gallery, 2 different storefronts with my shop in front, apartment in back... a few dumps and some very cool apartments. Why would anyone want to live in perpetual chaos you ask? Most of us were running from broken homes and dysfunctional families and set off to find a new "family". Anarchy is a state which there is no person or institution governing an individual. A lawless state which you can live by your own rules...throwing off the chains of parental, religious, and/or social conditioning. The liberation ultimitly leading to Freedom, Love, Prosperity and Enlightenment...ideally! This of course requires Self Mastery...nothing less.

I've hung out with some of the finest artists, musicians, Punk Rockers, Death Rockers, Hippies Rastas, Glamazons, Queers, Queens, Trust Fund Kids, Bohemians and Beatnicks, Witches, Warlocks, Circus Folk, Pin-Up Girls, Strippers, Caberet and Burlesque Performers, Belly Dancers, Pirates, Gypsies, Rouges, Atheists, Spiritualists, Actors, Muslims, Hari Kristnas, Born Again Christians, Satanists, Comedians, Poets, Prophets, Lost Souls, Writers, Dancers, Junkies, Ghosts.... All different colors, shapes and and poor. Some are very successful now, even famous, some are dead. It's been a wild ride to say the least. But underlying this Chaotic lifestyle, a greater Magnum Opus. I've come a looong way! And from my experiences, I've realized that the fundamental human experience is the same, no matter who you are: We are all looking for a place called "Home" A place where we feel whole and loved unconditionally. The remedy? The jewel is in the lotus baby! I promise!

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