Friday, April 4, 2008

The Doily...Reinvented!

It all started with the Neo-Victorian "gothic collection" by Thomas Paul that I fell in love with last year. A set of serveware featuring silhouettes and doilies. Then I saw found Vintage framed doilies in my favorite little Etsy shop, Mon Petit Fantome. (Which by the way, will be showcased in an upcoming issue of Domino Magazine featuring 15 lucky Etsy Artists! Yay Chad!) Anyway, these guys were onto something because now it seems there are doilies everywhere I look this Spring.. I love it! Look, more framed doilies below!
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Granny's doilies never looked so good! This curtain is my favorite! Be sure to check out Sweet Paul's Design, Craft & Food blog for more goodness!

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I've seen them sewn onto pillows, totes, clothing, ect...I love this glass bowl wrapped vintage doilies...also by Sweet Paul

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Lady Em said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments about my blog!! I sure do think you have a very neat one as well.
As for the house....
Well I live in Savannah,GA one of the most haunted places in the world I'm convinced. I came across this house during a hearse tour here on night, we really get into the spirit of things in Savannah, some tours are in old hearses, excellent idea if you ask me. Anyway I'm blabbing, it's under the post "Do You Believe?" You can find the whole story there, and I will be posting with any new facts I find out about the house.
Nice to meet you!!


compulsively compiled said...

Love these uses! I may have to dig the ones my mother in law gave me out of the drawer and put them to good use.