Monday, October 6, 2008

Gwen Roch

It's work like this that excites me the most! French artist, Gwen Roch's "Cabinets de Curiosités" explore the relationship between the natural and supernatural world. Each cabinet is a sacred work, a personal mythology.

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They remind me of the Catholic reliquiries that house the bones of dead Saints. Devout Catholics carry bits of these bones called relics, they offer protection from the forces of evil. These practices are obviously are rooted in Paganism that pre-dates Christianity. A Pagan Shaman, like a Catholic Priest make amulets and talismans and consecrate them as Sacred objects.

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Each Cabinet has a front and rear that are both scenes and sculptures. You can get a closer look on Gwen's Website. In an interview she explains:

Q: Your cabinets all have an element in the back

A: Yes there is a front and rear that are both scenes and sculptures. I always place behind the sharp weapons, knives, choppers ... to kill the fears. It is a way to protect myself, a talisman. There is also something else, the presence of horns on the sides or above. It is a defense against the more Cornu against the forces of evil.

Q: You believe in evil?

A: Yes, but this would be our ability to do harm, our inner violence.

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Maissa said...

How funny! I know her as well (and so does Delphine) we used to be in the same gallery (which has closed now, unfortunately).
I will try to find the book we talked about, for you. Please email me so I can have your peronnal email!


I'm not surprised! It's such a small world and somehow even France doesn't seem too far away these days!

Scheharazade said...

It's amazing ! I love it !^-^