Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mama Needs a New Stove!

I have an awesome old Universal stove...circa 1950's. The old gal is finally giving up on me, the oven just quit and I can only use three burners on the range. Probaly somewhat dangerous, I don't want my home to blow up! I'm so bummed, this is a really bad time of the to make this kind of purchase! Christmas is coming! On that note, I've just listed some great Natural History items in my Etsy shop! Go check it out and buy something so my kids don't have to eat microwave dinners! xo Lavona

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J A N E said...

Mmmm Lovely things indeed!
j a n e

Anonymous said...

don't get rid of your stove! old stoves are simple to fix. if the burner or oven is not getting gas, there may be built up blockage in the lines. take the gas lines out from the burner and clean with a wire. if the burner is getting gas but not staying lit there is usually a little adjustment for the air/gas mixture by the knob but inside if you take the burner top off. there may be a tube that goes from the pilot light to the burner, make sure it is seated properly, sometimes if you bump or move the stove they shift and then don't work properly. if the pilot light goes out in the oven some stoves have a safety valve that turns off the gas. the heat from the pilot light on the thermocouple is what keeps the valve open. if the thermocouple is bad the safety valve will close, the pilot will go out and your oven won't turn on. info on both here http://www.antiquestoves.com/toac/safetyvalves.htm .if you don't want to fix it yourself, it will probably cost as much or less than a new one to have someone come and repair it. and new stoves are ugly.


Wow...thanks for the info! You're right, new stoves are ugly! I called the place I got it from, they buy, sell, and repair used appliances. A service call is only $30...hopefully repair won't be too expensive.

Plan B is to get a new vintage stove...I already found a couple really great ones on Craigslist!