Sunday, March 7, 2010

Doze Green

"Just going in and out, it's pulling stuff from inside. It's based on magic, it's about shadow, it's about darkness, it's about light, it's about understanding, it's about destruction. It's about build-destroy. It's about cycles and spiraling, the Universe."

Ancestors, Totemic Series ~ Doze Green

"I believe that graff, b.boying and djing are kinetic language that in turn are related with each other. Motion, style and expression (or intent) are relayed information to the viewer participant audience. It’s a sonic and visual form of hieroglyphics stemming from 21st century living and technosymbolic sigils created by sentinels and a sort of unique and personal magic is released. This is called ka. The creative force of the universe. This is why it appeals to so many people. This only comes naturally when you release your graff purist letter formats and regulations or when you toss out strict b.boy power moves for a more diverse portfolio."

"Have big balls, grab your nuts and say "hey, fuck it". Don't be afraid man..."


D*fusion said...

thanks for giving an inside view of this talented artist.

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