Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Littlefeather Organics

Littlefeather Organics is the brainchild of Earth loving Mama, Emmelie Brunetti. There are several natural product lines under the umbrella of Littlefeather Organics; NOMAD Exclusive Handmade, HOPI Botanicals, HAWKWEED'S Free Spirited Herbal Healing, and NUNA Hair & Scalp Elixir. The Littlefeather Organics aesthetic is reminiscent of old Native American Trading Posts. I caught up with Emmelie recently and she had some very inspiring things to say regarding the Native American aesthetic of Littlefeather Organics. She states,

"The underlying Native American theme that runs as a connecting thread throughout my ideas, products and brands, aims to reconnect the circle by raising awareness about the importance of preserving Native American culture, as well as all other indigenous societies, by recognizing their distinctive ability to maintain a healthy and spiritually rich relationship with the Earth. The idea of wanting to name my project HOPI botanicals came to me in the middle of the night. I knew then and there that this was my calling. For me, HOPI also refers to an acronym formed by the words Holistic, Organic, Pacific & Indigenous. These are the four main pillars of the philosophy which supports my products & activities."

The Hopi Prophecy says mankind must return to Peaceful ways to halt the Destruction of Mother Earth. Tibetan Buddhists have a similar prophecy, which was discussed when the Dali Lama met with the Hopi Elders a few years ago. It's Universal. I first heard of the Hopi Prophecy many many Moons ago, when I was in High School. I was a fan of The Cult and had a HUGE teenage crush on Ian Astbury, the lead singer. A friend of mine gave me a mix tape that included a song called "Moya" by Ian's first band, Southern Death Cult. It's about the Hopi Prophecy. Coincidentally (or not), Emmelie created a custom medicine bag for Ian Astbury just recently! Check out her line NOMAD - exclusive handmade solid perfume amulets offered in a custom leather medicine bags, uniquely designed to accommodate the different silver and turquoise boxes. A blend of exotic oils, amber essence and precious woods hand poured into one-of-a-kind vintage Navajo pill boxes. Emmelie's always creating something new so check out her blog for updates!

The Hopi Prophecy speaks of the white man who would come to them and help transform the entire continent into a spiritual paradise. But the Prophecy also warns that if the white man does not give in return for what is taken, then the Hopi will hold the land till human beings learn to live in harmony with Nature and each other. The Power under the land will be used for destruction...Earth Changes! Emmelie Brunetti has taken this prophecy to heart and plans to donate a portion of her profits to various indigenous causes. Her first donation was made to Wisdom Keepers, a Native American non-profit cause and grass-roots organization that provides cross-cultural, intercultural and intra-cultural educational opportunities in Tennessee.


mlle ghoul said...

Man oh man oh man! Seconding the Ian Astbury crush, AND HOW!

I am absolutely checking out littlefeather organics straightaway - thanks for the lovely write up and the tip!

Joanna M said...

Oh wow Southern Death Cult and beautifully packaged organic beauty products in the same post. No words to describe my joy!

Crystal Calliope said...

I loved the beauty products! I follow your blog, and really love it. I'm giving away a book on my blog, thought you may be interested. I'd like to offer something to the folks who's blogs I read.

matchstickgirl said...

brilliant well found !!!!

shazzula said...

Love The Black Amber Balm :)