Monday, November 22, 2010


This little guy is a Graveyard Spirit Doll. His name is "Monsieur Louis Noir" (aka Mr. Louis Black) He is stuffed with a combination of herbs, Voodoo Conjure Oil and graveyard dirt collected from the St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans. He has an antique glass eye, coyote claw and tooth, an all seeing eye talisman, an "alleged" black cat bone (an occult curio that is usually a chicken bone...I would not harm a kitty!) He is approx. 8 inches tall... The St. Louis Cemetery is the where you can find the Tomb of Marie Laveau, the Legendary Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Hoodoo Conjure magick is the "Folk" version of Necromancy. The purpose is to evoke dead folks to do your bidding. "Low Magick" if you will...Conjure Dolls can be used for Good or Evil. But don't forget about the Karma factor!

Louisiana Voodoo Queen Necklace

A thick 18" brass chain, closing with a large lobster claw clasp, holds a vintage brass address book with the state of Louisiana stamped upon it! The book measures just under 2 1/2" long. Just a few pages names are filled out on the many pages inside the book. A vintage style brass locket filled with "Low John the Conqueror Root" and a tiny vial of graveyard dirt also hang from the necklace. Low John the Conqueror Root when worn or carried, it is said to protect the bearer and bring good luck.


Aelwyn said...

Oooo---I love your wee doll, and the necklace is wonderful!


...looooooooooove!!! :)

The Boy Named Crow said...

there is so much amazingness on your blog!!!