Saturday, November 13, 2010

Talon NYC

Talon by Brooklyn jewelry designer Emily Hirsch. Silver, bronze, or glass vial-and-chains are individually cast. The Talon signature scent is an intoxicating aroma of tobacco leaf and newly opened orange blossom. It makes us think of sitting in our grandfathers’ old, worn in leather chair in a dimly lit, cozy room, surrounded by books, a scotch and a small branch pulled from the apple tree blooming outside. It’s a dark, tantalizing, warm scent. The aromatic properties of the Talon signature scent will help with anxiety, disappointment, fatigue, nervousness and tension.

The Avalon scent is fresh and innocent. The slightly grassy, herbal, earthy sweetness of tuberose combined with the honeyed aroma of jasmine makes us think of a picnic in the grass on a warm California spring day. Choose the Avalon scent if you are looking to guard against grief, indecision, jealousy, fatigue, sadness, shyness, suspicion and tension.


Anonymous said...

I had seen these ( I thought) on the kabiri site and was intrigued...but I had not realized that they carried actual fragrance inside. Now my interested is piqued a thousand times more.

Karate Classes Online said...

What an excellent description. That alone, has filled my mind with cozy, comforting thoughts.