Thursday, March 3, 2011

Odyn Vovk AW 2011

Odyn Vovk "Spiral" AW11

"Odyn Vovk explores the states of improvisation from which self-expression is discovered. The elements of this fifth collection is how the subconscious existence that drives thoughts, challenges reality and brings us to that place between sleep and awake; to that moment where dreams still live and life creeps in. This is realized further by images, sounds and emotion of the progression. This directly mimics the design process of Odyn Vovk season to season and is best exemplified by the approach taken with each garment. It is often only once the fabrics and textiles are in hand, that any garment is realized, dictated in part by the fabrics and textiles themselves."

Goddess Bless Odyn Vovk...with Godspeed.

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Anonymous said...

He is so bloody cool.