Monday, March 2, 2009

Odyn Vovk

Odyn Vovk [oh-din va•hk] Translation: ONE WOLF

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With the close of New York Fashion Week , people have been talking about the effect of the economy on the industry. Many designers were forced to shift to frugality. Fashion mainstays such as Betsey Johnson and Vera Wang opted out of having full shows! After the costs of logistics, models, make-up artists and publicity are considered, a fashion show can cost as much as $750,000 to produce. What!?

Out from the depths of this economic crisis came emerging designer Odyn Vovk! His line is raw, dark, and vital...apocalypse couture! Go HERE for more photos from the runway...


Madeline said...

i feel like despite the cost fashion week cannot die. Its as much of a release party as an art show. art triumphs through adversity.

Monica of the Masks said...

Black, black, black! Style yes, but oh so much black! Is he in mourning for the old economy? I much prefer your post of Anna Sui! Full of life and color and thumbing one's nose at the present turmoil! Black is SO early 2000s. Let rich reclaimed velvets and dyed and tattered lace lead us into the 2010's!


" art triumphs through adversity." Well said Madeline! It's so true!

What can I say, I have very gothic tendencies! I like Odyn Vovk's line because of that Post Apocalypse's slightly reminicient of Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome! Like I said...raw, dark, and vital!

However, I'd rather see ladies in Velvet! Anna Sui rock my world!

Anonymous said...


You may be interested to know that Odyn Vovk and Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons are in the middle of a collaboration for Spring/Summer 2009. Updates soon.

Thank you for your amazing support of emerging designers.