Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monica Canilao: Dream Weaver

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Monica Canilao is most definitely one of my favorite artists! I've been meaning to write about her for a while...and apparently she's friends with Mike Brodie, the photographer I featured in my last post...birds of a feather! She just finished a show in Minneapolis called 'Our Starry Universe' with another AMAZING artist, Hardland/Heartland! Wish I could have been there! She creates large sculptures and structures using found objects and discarded materials. She weaves the past, present, and future potentials together creating installations that speak of Utopian Dreams. She did a collaborative installation with Kyle Ranson that I wish was installed in my apartment! "One Long Funeral Song addresses the clashes and minglings of two magicks. the black, vampiric conjurings of colonialism and the nature magic of indigenous, poor and creative peoples... the contrast between secret societies and open-armed, cooperitive communities. Monica Canilao and Kyle Ranson build a world around the hope that perhaps a third and beautiful magick could be born from this long and bloodied struggle." Follow this link for detailed photos of the installation! I neeeed a magical teepee!

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"Monica Canilao’s interest in the ideas of home, community, and the passage of time are sewn delicately together in her large paper and fabric structures, installations and sculptures. She uses found objects, paper, printing, and fiber to juxtapose the profundity of simply having a home with the ephemeral nature of spaces, community, and life itself. The beautiful privilege of a home, while fortified by a supportive community, is often examined near the hum of the electrical wires or the headlights of bulldozers making way for ‘development’. But Monica keeps things simple: she understands that even the most fleeting moments can be the most poignant ones, and so she is fearless in her use of disintegrating materials such as paper, fiber, love, and hope."

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Anonymous said...

she is amazing! thank you for sharing!

bloodmilk. said...

i love her work too!
i wrote a review on her show for check it out here:

Lady Lavona said...

Thanks Lady...I just added more pics to this post! Fabulous review! xo Lavona

Unknown said...

Thank you for opening up some new artists to my awareness. Love it,remindes me of a dream I had the other night.

the cinemascapist said...

if you speak with her, can you ask her where in the world Mike Bordie has gone? Seems like he's just simply disappeared?

I was talking to the folks that rep him in LA the other day and they said he's quite shy and doesn't like to be contacted.

Just curious.

Jane said...

I didn't know her work but am glad to have been introduced to it!