Thursday, August 28, 2008

Season of the Witch!

I can't wait for Summer to be OVER. I'm an October I looove Autumn! Halloween and Dios de la Muertos, these are things I love all year round! Besides all the fun and festivities, I actually take this time of the year quite seriously. It's Samhain, the Witches New Year! And this Fall I will be introducing some BEAUTIFUL handmade Witchery to my for the discriminating Witch! Witches are even on the runway this season! Luella has brought a bit of Magick and Folklore to the mainstream, I love it! I can feel it coming...I get totally charged this time of year! Bring on the Fall!

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Blood Milk said...

I am in love with Luella.

Anonymous said...

I was born on October 25,
if that has any significance.
I love Autumn and always will.
The air is charged with mystery
and sweet melancholy.

Ulla said...

Loving this! Wow!