Friday, August 29, 2008

Official Home of the COC Street Team!

As you can see, I'm doing a little remodeling around here. Special thanks to the lovely and ever patient Leila Marvel for helping me put my banner together! I sent her over a dozen natural history images and nearly drove her crazy trying to manifest my vision! As always, Leila came through! Thanks Leila! xoxoxo

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I found Leila on Myspace many moons ago where she has an amazing online gallery called the RED HEART CULT. I fell in love with her Graphic Design work and asked her if she could create a banner for my Etsy shop and Myspace page. She loved the idea...I sent her an image library to give her some food for thought...she took the ball and ran with it! We have been buddies ever since. She even opened her own Etsy shop, Red Heart 13, where she sells exquisite odornments, relics, and Memento Mori, and now does Graphic Design commissions too! My how she's grown! Naturally she's the first person I thought of when I decided to start my own Etsy Team! I will be hosting Etsy's Cabinet of Curiosities right here, every Friday! I will feature a seller from our Team every stay tuned!

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Curious Art said...

The banner's lovely!