Sunday, November 30, 2008

Folkloric Hoodies!

Etsy is such a magical place! I found several designers who create folklore inspired clothing. I love this Goblin Hooded Frock by French designer Emmanuelle Marie. I love that she models her own designs...she looks like a punk pixie! Her Etsy shop is called Malam. Isn't it the cutest? She offers it in all different fabrics...I would LOVE a wool or velvet frock!

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An Etsy shop by the name Lone Moose offers wonderful designs for women and children! She uses wonderful natural fabrics like Linen and Merino. Check out this Pixie Hoodie for the wee ones!

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Marie said...

Thank you very much for the feature! I like the punk pixie bit too ;-))
Love your blog!

Brandy said...

Oh I LOVE your blog and shop! Cabinet of curiosities have always been an Obsession of mine. A lot of my tags are inspired by natural history.


nefaeria said...

The first one posted is adorable! And I love the new background on your blog, very pretty!



verhext said...

gnome baby!! it doesnt look like they have that one in the shop? i love it.

Anonymous said...

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thank you!!!