Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Matthew Barney

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You are looking at a still from The Cremaster Cycle, a series of 5 short films by Matthew Barney (Bjork's baby daddy). The still is from my favorite part of the series-Cremaster 5. The scene is called "A Dance for the Queen's Menagerie"

I suggest viewing the Cremaster Cycle before reading the synopsis. It's almost impossible find on DVD but you can find much of it on YouTube. I'd really love to see this on a big screen though...the sets, costumes, and scores are incredible!


Suzanne said...

They have DVDs of the entire "Cremaster" at the ICA shoppe. I'm a member and I could get it a few pounds cheaper for you if you're interested in it.

Just let me know. :)

Lots of love,

- Suzanne


Thank you!!! I might just take you up on that after the holidays! xo Lavona