Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crowns for Women Who Run With Wolves

I was wandering around the internet a while back searching for historical references of headdresses made by indigenous people. (I want to make one for myself and some for my Etsy shop, but I can't find any ethically sourced feathers...any suggestions?) Anyway, I stumbled across the Little Doe is Love website and totally fell in Love! This headdress is my woodland witch couture!

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Chase Cohl is the bohemian belle behind Little Doe is Love. You might remember seeing her AMAZING apartment on the Selby...she's also in a Folk Rock band called Weepaw with her brothers! Her feather headdresses totally remind me of my favorite photograph of Natasha Kahn of Bat for Lashes! You should check out her latest video, Pearl's Dream...I love it!

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For those of you not familiar with Natasha Kahn, Pearl is her Shadow Aspect. Pearl is the escapist, drama-prone, devastating id to Khan's rational superego. She's a "subterranean prowling witch," at odds with Khan's "desert being, which is very much about nature, interconnectiveness, and acceptance." "Perhaps my Pearl is like that little Pearl grown up, orphaned and traveling down this dreamy river surrounded by dark forces," says Khan. "Also, in folklore the pearl is like a droplet of moon falling into the ocean. She's supposed to govern the subconscious world." Sometimes the two halves duel directly, as on "Siren's Song," where the languid verses find Khan contemplating what it is to be a perfect, nurturing woman (Keeping the bed warm and being "proud when you dazzle"), but in the chorus Pearl comes crashing in, destroying the calm with cacophonous piano chords and insistent drums. But a conclusion is found with "The Big Sleep," the album's closer that features cult '60s crooner Scott Walker. The song is Pearl's finale. "The curtain's coming down, she's going to take her millions of sleeping pills and finally enter nothingness," says Khan. "She had to subside. The aware side of me woke up, and the more I woke up, the more Pearl fell asleep."

(source: Fader Magazine)


Hannah said...

I'm kind of surprised that you can't find any ethically sourced feathers.. it's a shame because I bet your headdresses would have been awesome.

melissa said...

i'm pretty sure i've seen ethically sourced feathers for sale on etsy...?


I need to keep looking...the hunt is on!

kali flower said...

i loooove natasha khan! her videos are always so amazing.

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...


Jenny Kendler said...

Hi Lavona,

Look on eBay for people who have pet birds selling their shed feathers. I have gotten a whole bunch of beautiful feathers this way, including some macaw feathers just like the ones that Natasha's headdress uses in the pic you posted. Vegetarian-friendly and beautiful!

Hope you are well...come check out my website...I have some new work up. :)

Fala Cedar said...

If you do a search for macaw feathers on ebay, all kinds of pretty feathers come up, shed from pet birds. :)

I enjoy your blog very much, and your tumblr -- I love your witchy tastes!

Lady Lavona: said...

Thank you for all the kind words and suggestions ladies! xo Lavona