Monday, July 6, 2009

Glyn Smyth

GLYN SMYTH is a magick incredible artist inspired by the Occult, folklore, and heavy music. His artwork for the Swedish pychedelic doom metal band WITCHCRAFT caught my eye and reeled me in first. But after I saw the work he did for the drone doom band EARTH, I was totally smitten! You can buy limited edition screenprints of his artwork from his Etsy shop. Check out his blog to see more of his artwork and inspirations!

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Marianne said...

You should check out John Baizley, if you don't already know his work.

It's totally awesome, so awesome I got it tattooed on myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Lavona! I just followed your link from the Witch Mountain page you left at the Sodalitas group... and I'm in complete awe at your blog!!!! I will be following it closely and I hope we get to have good conversations at the group! Very, Very pleased to meet you,


Denton said...

Lady Lavona
I love the complexity and texture of meaning in both the text and the visuals on Cabinet of Curiosities. Its a lovely vacation from the rationality of my own work.

amyaddams said...

mm yes. Earth is amazing. :] My boyfriend showed me too them not too long ago. Absolutely wonderful.