Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nancy Baker

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When I first laid eyes on Nancy Baker's work, it took a moment for me to collect mouth was literally hanging open. Did I ever mention I'm a Libra? I'm a natural born sensualist, ruled by Venus! Perhaps then you can see why Nancy Baker's work gives me butterflies...the rich colors, the lush flora and fauna, the mythology and surreal elements that leave it open to the imaginings of the viewer. Go check out her website...bon appétit!

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Blood Milk said...

wow! the colors and details are amazing!

Karin said...

hey, love your blog and I think you'd love the work by my friend naomi nowak (

Alice said...

Ooh, that first picture of hers you posted is STRAIGHT from an old alchemy illustration, isn't it? Awesome.

Lady Lavona said...

Yes, the wild man or "woodwose" is a mythological figure that appears in the artwork and literature of medieval Europe...same time period as all those great alchemy and alegorical works appeared! Love it!

David said...

It looks like a trippier version of the Douanier Rousseau's work! lovely!

thanks for sharing!