Friday, October 16, 2009

HELP WANTED: Beautiful Packaging...

I'm looking for a Graphic Designer/Kindred Spirit to help me create product labels for my handmade Bath and Body Care Products! I know exactly what I want in terms of aesthetic (colors, fonts, imagery, ect.) but I need someone to help me put it all together! I can pay cash, do a shop credit or trade! Please email me at

Here's some packaging I'm crazy about!

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1. LE LABO 2. Mast Brothers Chocolate
3. Tokyo Milk 4. Sweet Petula 5. Fringe Alchemy Soaps


Leila Marvel said...

Hey Lady, I'm glad you sent out an email, things have been so hectic, but I am getting to your cards, but due to my moving schedule I think you'd be better off with someone who can give you the full attention. :)

Lady Lavona said...

I know how busy you are sweets! You have so many amazing things to focus on right your new house! I'm sure I'll have other projects in the future when things settle down a bit! Talk to ya soon!

xo Lavona

Ashley said...

I'm a student graphic designer, graduting this year so I would definitely interested. Your examples are interesting. I will email you also.

Lauren said...

wow, this packaging is incredible!

packing supplies said...

All the packaging is dynamic, incredible, and too innovative with the utilization of new trends and styles as well.