Saturday, October 17, 2009

HELP WANTED: Position Filled

I received at least 12 emails regarding the design project I talked about in the last post! I viewed all of your websites and was so hard to choose someone, everyone is so amazing and talented! I plan to reach out and thank each of you, but I thought I should post something here first before anymore emails come in! Nicomi "Nix" Turner is going to work on this project with me! We already know each other and have many shared interests, which is nice! She sells her artwork under the moniker "The Specimen Jars" on Etsy and is also a fellow member of Etsy's Cabinet of Curiosities Team. Her first solo exhibit titled In Vein, got stellar reviews. Nix is currently busy working on her latest series titled Maidens and Crones, which should total 20 pieces upon completion! She will be showing in Portland throughout the month of November with notable artists such as Gris Grimly and Daniel Martin Diaz! Check out the details below and make sure to take a peek at her blog to see what else she's up to!

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pamela tuohy jewelry said...

Ah,congrats,I eagerly await the results..I am sure it will be beyond words..stunning work Nicomi (and also Daniel Martin Diaz) and once AGAIN Thank you for your BLOG...Lady Lavona, the GREAT conduit to all that is beautiful and meaningful...spent another 1/2 day in the studio perusing your words and pictures and the websites of all those you tea, then coffee went cold because I was so enthralled!

A SPECIAL shout out to Nix for having the courage to (like you've done in the past)rip those who steal from other artists..a huge pet peeve of mine, in fact, maybe the only one! Shame on those who can't give credit where credit is do...

Denise Fasanello said...

wow. beautiful work. thanks for introducing. Looking forward to seeing your collaboration

jessica/miniature rhino said...

i've been popping in to Nicomi's blog to see her drawings. looking forward to seeing your colaboration!