Monday, October 19, 2009

Ellen Rogers Photography

Ellen Rogers is the last of a dying breed, a photographer who uses film! All her work is analogue and the only digital equipment she uses is a scanner to scan the end result. Her beguiling photographs exude a dramatic sense of timelessness, as though created decades ago. She manifests haunting, ethereal images by experimenting with traditional darkroom magick!

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annie stephens said...

i cannot begin to tell you how much i adore ellen's work. i've been following her for a little over a year or so, and her images never fail to crackle secrets and whispers at me. if you haven't yet watched her short films, you must:

another strictly film photographer i think you will fall head over feet for (if you have not yet seen her work), is lauren e. simonutti (aka, lauren rabbit). she is a beautiful genius, and something i gave myself as a gift before i moved cities to embark on my own life, was bought a copy of one of her books (the madness is the method). her powerful imagery:

Andrea Rebolledo said...

I am madly inlove of thus blog.

Lady Lavona said...

Thanks for the links Annie! I'm going to check out Lauren's flickr right now!

Andrea...thank you! love & magick!

Tales from a San Francisco shutter-bug said...

These rock!

Queen Of Småland said...

Beautiful work! The last pic reminds me of one of my favourites, Irina Ionesco...