Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Alchemical Dream: Rebirth of the Great Work

"The house of constipated reason must be infiltrated by art, by dreamers, by Vision. Find the others...find the others and then you'll know what to do"


princess said...

Great video :P

Anonymous said...

i've been listening to a lot of T M at work.
at first i thought he was a hippie flakeroo.
and then he started growing on me ...
now i can't get enough of that slow weaving of words. they call him the bard - especially as everything he talks about becomes more and more embellished with each tale.
i definitely think something urgent is bubbling in the collective unconscious.
the excess and blindness of the psychedelic era and the vapid superficiality of the new age -- is going to come to a head in ours.
and it will be beautiful.
c'mon kids, bring it forward!!!