Saturday, July 25, 2009

Darla Teagarden's Candy Land

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Darla Teagarden finally has her very own website up...down the rabbit hole you go! Miss Teagarden designs all her own sets and styles her models. She creates props in her home and garage, does all the make-up and hair in her bathroom, and assembles it all in her bedroom where the photoshoots take place! She works with the most amazing artists! Recently, she did a shoot with Liz Mcgrath and her band Miss Derringer! She created the dress Liz is wearing out of paper! Liz McGrath actually makes most of the fabulous hats Darla uses, her line is called Creepsuela Switchletto ("Oh RATS. Where the fuck is your hat?") Well you can buy one from her etsy shop...but she on tour with her band right now so you'll have to wait till she returns home from tour!

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She has also featured hats from the fabulous and incomparable Topsy Turvy Design...

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And corsets by the diva of dark glamour, Louise Black...who, by the way, was casted for Project Runway's 6th Season, which will premiere August 20th on Lifetime!!! If you've been eyeing something in her Etsy Shop, snatch it up now!

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And just look at this fanciful shoot she did with Christy Kane! Christy Kane is a Doll Maker and Story Teller. You can watch her short film featuring her doll, Callalilly can also visit her Etsy Shop where she sells t-shirts and accessories featuring her "doll daughters" the Sisters Kane!

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Sidereal Day said...

In her garage? Truly amazing!

I didn't know Project Runway was starting in August. YAY!

Sarah said...

These photos are magnificent. I love outlandish, fairytale-like designs. And your blog is awesome :)

Laetitia said...

All the pictures are beautiful buthe photo with Elizabeth is just AMAZING!!!Ididn't realize at once it was her, the dress and and the photo are Wonderful,

Alexandrion said...

Christy Kane is friend with Melora Creager from Rasputina (she recently took pictures of Melora and her daughter in a very Burton-esque set) and I bet the woman on her deer is inspired by the cover of the EP "LOST AND FOUND" made by Ryan Obermeyer!