Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mystical mishaps revealing hidden Truths!

Friday was a New Moon and all was bliss. I had been waiting for the Moon to start "waxing" so I could make a batch of exotic Love Supreme soap! I'm endlessly inspired by the relationship of John and Alice Coltrane...they both wrote songs titled A Love Supreme. A Love Supreme heralded John's Coltrane's quest for spiritual liberation and musical freedom. Coltrane's abilities were undeniable. But his personal demons, including heroin and alcohol bedeviled him. After his life fell apart, he underwent what can only be described as a "religious conversion." (Coltrane described it as such himself in the liner notes to his 1965 classic, A Love Supreme.) After this life-altering experience, Coltrane began to read deeply in the great religious books of many traditions — including those of India and West Africa. He started to explore the music of these cultures as well, including West African drum works of Babtunde Olatunji and recordings of the Indian sitar. This was the foundation for future musical adventures as he pushed into unexplored territory. Alice's exotic blend of transcendental jazz and the music and spirituality of India was deeply influenced by her husband’s legacy. Her version of A Love Supreme appears on the album Journey in Satchidananda and opens with an invocation of love by her guru, Swami Satchidananda. Alice explains "Swamiji is the first example I have seen in recent years of Universal Love or God in action. He expresses an impersonal love, which encompasses thousands of people. Anyone listening to this selection should try to envision himself floating on an ocean of Satchidanandaji's love, which is literally carrying countless devotees across the vicissitudes and stormy blasts of life to the other shore. Satchidananda means knowledge, existence, bliss. I hope that this album will be a form of meditation and a spiritual awakening for those who listen with their inner ear. Om Shanti."

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I got all the ingredients prepared, everything was smelling so good, particularly the Rosewood essential oil which soothes my soul...this was going the best soap ever! Meanwhile, I was rocking out to Amon Düül and surfing somewhere between the 4th and 5th dimension, thinking about new beginnings, the love on horizon, happy endings...and that's when things started to run amok! I got distracted and started sorting through my oil stash in a frenzy. I've been wanting to combine some of the fruit scents together to make "Goblin Fruit" soap. (Inspired by the fairytale poem Goblin Market.) I got so caught up that I forgot to turn the burner off on the stove and almost scalded the oil. I continued to whip up my Love Supreme soap...oops I think I put too much honey/beeswax in it. Something didn't seem quite right. I wasn't paying attention because I was pre-occupied with thoughts of Goblin Fruit sweet and yummy! *Listening to good music, by the way, is an essential to making magick soap! Amon Düül was a psychedelic rock band that started in 1967 as a radical political art commune of Munich based artists calling themselves, in part, after the Egyptian Sun God Amon. Members later branched out to form Amon Duul II*

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This morning when I woke up, I went to check up on the soap I made and remove them from the molds. Wow...Goblin Fruit turned out so delish! But what the happened to my Love Supreme soap!? It was all shrunken up and had about 2 inches of oil floating on never sopafied! And it smelled burnt! Those nasty Goblins crashed my party and ruined my love soap! The story says that Goblin merchants, sell magical fruits in fantastic abundance, variety. Their fruits allegedly have restorative properties and cause blissful altered states....Goblin merchants will trade anything from magic items, to memories, and even enslavement of the soul! In my case they claimed my lovely love soap! Is this an omen...a warning!? I know you're saying there must be a logical explanation for this...

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If you read the tale of the Goblin Market, forbidden fruit and temptation in this context seems overtly sexual. The kind of forbidden, addictive love that parallels the experience of drug addiction. It's the portrayal of a "fallen woman" who succumbed to the evils of the goblins' fruits. Unable to buy more of the forbidden fruit, pining away for the lack of it, the young maiden falls into a slow physical deterioration and depression. As winter approaches, she no longer grooms herself or does her household work...her life hangs in the balance. "Who should have been a bride; But who for joys brides hope to have fell sick and died" At that end of the story, it is the awesome power of sisterly love that saved her...she escapes death and returns to her old self, both physically and mentally! The sisters live to tell their children about the dangers of the Goblin Market. Let this soap be a reminder to beware of Goblin men (and women) and their enticing fruits...tis a dangerous game to not give your love away! They will rob you of your beautiful glow...and on their way they'll go! Now you can enjoy the restorative properties and blissful altered states induced by Goblin fruit without any trouble! *washing with this soap will not invoke Goblins...I already paid them for the recipe.*

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"We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots?"


EJPcreations said...

I just love reading your posts. They always give me so much to think about.

forestmaiden said...

I enjoy your posts so very much. Thank you for thoughtfully putting something together. I had a really bad day today, but seeing a lovely image brought a smile to my face. Thank once again.

Lady Lavona said...

Thank you sooo much! That means alot to me!

love & magick!
xo Lavona

TheFearlessGreen said...

Lavona, can I just say how much I adore you? Your posts are always so fantastic! And I LOVE the idea of the Goblin Market soap! I was just thinking about blending up some things inspired by poems, fairy tales, and Shakespeare; how is it you're always one step ahead of the rest of us? :-) At any rate, your stuff looks fantastic! Can't wait to see what you do next!