Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shop Update!

Happy Mabon (Fall Equinox) everyone! I was supposed to launch my new line of Supernatural Soap today but I've decided to wait a little longer! I think they need another week on the drying rack...so sad :( It has been rainy and humid here in Chicago...not so good when you are waiting for soap to cure! My labels aren't done yet either...so I'm just going to calm down and let this new project take shape naturally! "You can't push a river, so go with the flow!" Here's another sneak peak! This is my Venus soap: Rose and geranium essential oils, rose petals, passion flower and Moroccan Red Clay...love magick!

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I listed some new jewelry today...some new Specimen Vial Necklaces and a few Black Forest Relics: Deer antler, tiny Deer hoof, a Starling beak and Bear Claws!

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I also listed this Snake JuJu Necklace...3 snake vertebrae strung on a 20" bronze chain! It's simple yet eye catching!

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And last, but not least...the Voodoo Queen Necklace...a thick 18" brass chain, closing with a large lobster claw clasp, holds a little vintage brass address book with the state of Louisiana stamped upon it! A small vintage style brass locket filled with "Low John the Conqueror Root" and a tiny vial of graveyard dirt also hang from the necklace. Low John the Conqueror Root when worn or carried, it is said to protect the bearer and bring good luck. The dirt was collected from the St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans where you can find the Tomb of Marie Laveau, the Legendary Voodoo Queen of New Orleans!

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Vanessa Moore said...

WOW!You're necklaces are beautiful!!

Lady Lavona said...

Thanks Vanessa! xo!

Melody Sage said...

I love the voodoo queen necklace! Cat Yronwrode has a vodoo call in radio show you might like:
It's really wild. Happy Mabon!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and droolworthy as always ;)

Mmm handmade soap, I can't wait to see what you've come up with!