Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Man Who Fell to Earth

I recieved heartbreaking news Saturday night that my friend Noah died. Angel (Angeliska Gazzette) sent me a message to phone her because she had terrible news. I spoke to her while she was at his memorial in Austin TX. Our dear friend has left us to explore the otherside. I never wanted to believe that it could happen! Noah had a genetic heart condition called Marfan Syndrome. He really put up a good fight, but after numerous experimental medical interventions throughout his lifetime, including open heart heart surgeries, his fragile heart simply couldn't take anymore. Noah lost his Father to Marfan syndrome, so he lived life knowing there was a possibility that each day could be his last. If Noah taught me anything at all it was to celebrate Life...

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I remember the first day I met Noah. It was a typical overcast day here in Chicago when he walked into my little Witchcraft boutique. He had bright green hair and was wearing a full length day-glo green coat with these organic spiral shaped things that seemed to grow out the shoulders. He looked like a marvelous character out of a Dr. Seuss book. He quietly explored every nook and cranny of my shop, finally making his way to the front counter with a few items only an advanced practitioner would know what to do with. Finally he spoke and said "Sooo, is this your shop?" It wasn't long before Noah was coming into the shop daily, working along side me. We were a modern day Marie Laveau and Dr. John (famous Voodoo Queen and Voodoo Doctor of New Orleans) He was extremely knowledgeable about Paganism, Folk Magick, Western Occultism, Eastern Mysticism, and Afro-Caribbean religions, as well as herbalism, aromatherapy, and energy healing. His clients loved him dearly, I think he changed many lives for the better. He considered himself a Chaos Magician with emphasis on African based religion and magick. Noah was like me in the way that he applied theory with misc. practices and rituals to form his own brand of Spirituality & Magick.

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Noah could mix up a magick potion like nobodies business! He was known to liven up a boring party or club by sprinkling graveyard dirt on the dancefloor to invite Guédé. "Cause the dead know how to get down!" he'd say, and it worked every time! The primary aim of his practice was to assist people in accessing their dormant spiritual power. He provided tools for healing and transformation. However, he was free from religious dogma and moral restrictions, so he had no problem conjuring up the hounds of hell for revenge spells if a situation called for it, exclaiming "well if a bitch don't ack right!" His lady clients swore by his love mojos...he put "a pinch of dirty" in everything for good measure! His clients would come back looking all fresh and be like "I don't know what you put in that thing but whatever it was it worked!" Later he'd say something mischievous like "yeah, all she really needed was a good shag" Ha! And yet he would call me out for putting red candles on my altar (typically love candles are pink, red for sex) he'd shake his head and say "Just look at ya, your always on the dick Lavona!" Haa...that boy cracked me up!

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Noah put magick in everything he touched! He was always creating something like his own clothing, costumes, amazing art and jewelry. The studio where he lived/worked while in Chicago was a colorful witchy gypsy den...everything was customized in the "House of Zubi." He baked the best cakes in the world...super fancy Magick Voodoo cakes! He told this one story that I'll never forget, I'll give you the short version ~ "So there I was in Seattle, homeless because the Archangels burnt my house down...but I didn't feel sorry for myself. Instead, Kirk and I decided to get dressed up in velvet and powdered wigs...then we bought expensive decedent pastries with what little money we had and ate them while sitting on top of the dumpster behind the bakery." (He was quite certain the Archangels were to blame for his house catching fire because he was dabbling in Gnosticism.) Whenever I was feeling pathetic and down about my life, he'd bring me baked goods and say "well at least you can still eat cake!"

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Noah was the kind of guy who burned his candle at both ends. Sometimes he needed to be reminded to eat or get some sleep. He would say "Sleep is the brother of Death, I'll sleep when I'm Dead!" Friday night he passed away in his sleep...hopefully in peace. Today I remembered the time Noah and I watched the Peter Pan movie at our friend Angela's house. We LOVED it! We couldn't believe how much Noah looked like Captain Hook played by Jason Isaacs! Noah rocked the pirate theme forever after! I got to thinking about what a dazzling, adventurous spirit Noah is. Then I remembered the part of the movie when Peter Pan says "To die would be an awfully big adventure" When I lit a candle for Noah, I made a wish that he has many more beautiful adventures as he travels through the Universe back to Source. I smiled knowing that the people who love him will see him again someday...cause all we'll have to do is follow the trail of gold dust he leaves behind...

R.I.P The Legendary, Baron Zubi ~ 1976-2009

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Carolina Gonzalez said...

My deepest condolences - you have written a wonderful memorial. If there is anything I can do for you, you knw where to find me :).

Tecu'Mish said...

What a loving and special memorial you have created for your friend! Because of it I feel I now know this special soul too and can see him dancing across the Milky Way!
I was going to give my sympathies on your loss, but the way you have written about him, I think he is with you always!

JoDee said...

Certain people seem to have more light in them - and it enriches us so to have them shine and share it with us - what a wonderful soul- and dear friend you have lost - only on this plane-

Stephanie said...

What a life... I am completely enchanted and so sorry for this loss, though I never knew him. It seems as if he had so much energy and vitality that he can't be gone completely, not really. XO

Lady Lavona said...

Thank you for the kind words. And you're all right...he'll never really be gone! I know he'll be watching!

Mugami said...

In Bushido, to live each day as if it was your last, is one of its tenets. 'It is only when you embrace death you may find the meaning in life.' He sounds to have lived many lives in the span of one.

The March Hare said...

I have been looking a long time for my old friend, Noah. I am so late in saying goodbye. But maybe I wont. Not really. I remember him from another life, another time. So I will continue to remember and to look for him, there are things yet to say, memories yet to share. So this isn't goodbye, my old, old friend. From the March Hare to the Hatter, from Pyramis to Thisbe, from Sheniqua to Shenaynay, from that scared 15 year old to the impervious 15 year old: I miss you but I'll see you again sometime. I will remember. I promise.