Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Twin, Evil Twin

"The puppet or doll figures (Effigies) were influenced by the idea of “homunculi.” They also reflect the idea of a narrative on the surface of the body that tells the life of the individual, much like scars or tattoos. Water Baby reflects the fact that negative impacts to the environment are also a negative impact within out bodies. Host figures found in Africa and Pre-Columbian Meso America are human forms with sacred or magical objects in the body cavity that reflect the idea that the body cavity is the center of the life force. Guardian Figure was influenced by these magical host figures. Good Twin, Evil Twin expresses the classic struggle between the opposing forces of good and evil, both universally and on an individual level. Just as human skin begins to reveal the spiritual and physical history of an individual, the sculpture's tattoos reflect a universal narrative of duality. This piece also addresses the enormous contention in contemporary society about whose ideologies are good and whose are evil." ~ Maryann Webster


aafke7 said...

Love your blog and always interesting findings! Thanks!

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

LOVE this.
her work, and this doll in particular, makes such sense to me.