Tuesday, April 12, 2011


"She teased out of his guitar all manner of sound, the likes of which he never before produced. It was a fresh delivery; a brand new musicality was born through them, coming alive, changing them both. She was a conjure woman, at one with his element. Raising the flame of his fire and rushing the flow of his blood, she stimulated. She was at play, working his mind, his talent and even his heart; drawing out all manner of strum. Playing for, and with, and through her, Sabicas delivered a new form. It was an immaculate conception. The best days of his life were about to begin."

A fine read: The romantic and exotic tone of The Gypsy Chronicles is strictly fabulous. And the notion of charmed matrimonial beds? No reader could ask for more to spark so many levels of the imagination. Alison Mackie has created a mystical world, beautiful in its undertaking, that will lure even the most cynical soul to seek the mysterious ways of deep love and 'Gypsy' magic. ~ Meredith Blevins

Another recommendation: Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott
~ Madams, Ministers, Playboys, and the Battle for America's Soul


Anonymous said...

Oh, how timely - I've been looking for a wonderful new book to immerse myself in!

Jessica Penot said...

This looks very good!