Monday, April 11, 2011

April showers bring May flowers

I'm working on some new jewelry for my etsy shop! Three signature Beloved & Co. pieces casted in recycled sterling silver. Coming soon!

The Manifesto of the Black Thorn League 'Shipwrecked' necklaces made out of old coins...inspired by my Spanish Moorish ancestors that were shipwrecked off the shores of Ireland.

New Supernatural 'pressed' Specimens...

Fern ~ Rain Making, Protection, Luck

But on St. John's mysterious night,
Sacred to many a wizard spell,
The time when first to human sight
Confest, the mystic fern seed fell.
I'll seek the shaggy, fern clad hill,
Where time has delved a dreary dell,
Befitting best a hermit's cell;
And watch 'mid murmurs muttering stern,
The seed departing from the fern,
Ere watchful demons can convey,
The wonder-working charm away,
And tempt the blows from arm unseen,
Should thoughts unholy intervene.


Sister Shirley said...

Beautiful pieces, I especially loved the Shipwrecked tokens.

Luis Miguez said...

¿Así que tiene usted antepasados españoles?
Un saludo.