Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Lovers Eye

Pamela Tuohy Jewelry is designed and created by Pamela Tuohy-Novinsky and artist Edward artistic match made in heaven! I'm particularly crazy about these gorgeous one-of-a-kind 'Lovers Eye' peices!

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Portrait miniatures were the photographs of their day, and were tiny paintings of family, loved ones and of those departed and were usually extremely personal remembrances often set in jewelry and worn close to the person. Miniature portraits of just an eye were often refered to as a "lover's eye". In this case they focused on only the eye, often represented with eyebrow and lashes. A wisp of hair, the suggestion of sideburn or the bridge of a nose would hint at the owner's identity but never reveal it. These were often exchanged in secrecy between lovers involved in a love affair of the clandestine variety. The anonymous eye portrayed emotions such as Bliss, Envy, Serenity and Passion. (The eye after all, is said to be the window to the soul!) In the 18th century, if you couldn't afford ivory, you could commission less expensive paintings on vellum, a paper thicker than parchment. The tiny painting was then placed in a gold or silver setting, wreathed with jewels and sometimes with hair under crystal or glass on the reverse. The jewels chosen for the setting were symbolic too. For example, a wreath of garnet and turquoise pansies with pearls...the pansy is a pun meaning “think of me” from the French word pensée. The turquoise, owing to its color, was symbolic of the flower “forget-me-not,” and the pearls symbolized tears. Pamela Tuohy's Lovers Eyes are as captivating, evocative and romantic as the ones created during 18th century!


Christine said...

Well I am glad to see a few artists carrying on this beautiful tradition..I may have to create one for myself. Thank you for sharing~

Verhext said...

I love this tradition. I got a very sweet wee one from:

as a birthday prize for myself! she seems to have a few up now.

Heathereeee said...

Dear Lavona,

It's not allowing me to leave feedback on Etsy for some reason so I decided to come here to thank you so much for my potion! I love it!!!

It's so perfect for me... You're a genius :-) It's lovely and I will DEFINITELY be back for more.

I've been using it every single day and my friends have remarked on it many times. They think it's wonderful... It's intrigued them and I have directed them to your Etsy site and this page---

You're the best!!!


Heather Gwinn

Ulla said...


Anonymous said...

Dearest Lady Lavona,

What a magical day! I have had a few e-mails in regard to the post that you did on our jewelry...a big warm thank you! Ah, like minds, what a delicious world we live in..I poured a big cup of coffee and perused your entire blog...your taste is exqusite, and your interests eerily similar to are now among the 5 blogs that I will read daily...may I ask whose tent that is and in whose yard? May I also ask how you found our website?

...maybe we will meet in the windy city soon...until then, my very best to you.

With gratitude,