Friday, February 20, 2009

Roz Foster

Roz Foster blows my mind! She bridges the gap between the Victorian era of wonder, curiosity, and invention...with Cosmic New Age ideologies. Intelligent designs indeed! Roz churns out imaginary (or not) inventions from her 'Idea Machine' that can aid an ordinary human's evolution by quantum leaps! For example, by wearing 'The Monocle' one will see through the lens of Civilized Insight. I know some people who really could benefit from one of these!

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Save yourself hours trying to attain altered states during transcendental meditation (or for you cheaters...spare yourself the harmful side-effects of mind altering drugs like LSD...haaa!) Just have a seat in the 'Ascention Pod' and your there!

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To assist one's Astral explorations, try on some 'Intergalactic Wings and Helmets' for size! Space is the place!

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Guaranteed or you money back! *wink*

via Phantasmaphile (Kindred we are!)

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Kerin said...

Oh yes! It's beautiful work and a time traveler's delight!!