Monday, February 23, 2009

Past Lives and Reincarnations...

I was digging through my bead's been a looong while! I have plans to go to the gem and jewelry show this Spring, so I wanted to access the situation. I haven't made any beaded jewelry in a very long time, mostly because of lack of supplies and funds to invest in new stuff. As I was digging through my beads n' such I realized I actually had some things I could work with. First, here are a couple of older pieces I made. These are made with sterling silver from India, bone, ostrich shell, onyx, garnet, marcasite. The eye is an agate...I call it the "Eye of Shiva" necklace. The other one is called the "Kali Yuga". Both were created to protect from harm and ward off the evil eye. These are retired pieces in my personal collection...but once upon a time I rocked these hard! They were inspired by the Sadhu, India's Holy Mystics, devotees of Shiva and Kali.

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I don't have any silver in my box...but I managed to put some necklaces together that I'm happy with using alot of brass. They feel really Shamanistic...really Earthy. Lately I'm dreaming of a Native American Indian Warrior named "Mighty Bull". He said he has medicine for me if I would share my love and energy. (I guess the medicine worked because I got really inspired to create) He spoke of Bear, guardian of the North...the Owl Clan...and his destination, the Red Mountain. The next day when I went to the grocery store, there was a random "Indian House Blessing" candle mixed in with the religious Saint/Angels candles, so I bought it! that's what I was thinking about when I made these. I used antique tortoise shell beads, Somalian brass, African mud bone, Indian medicine bone, turquiose, antique amber beads, a Tibetan 'dzi' heavan bead, ect...nothing shabby here. These are for protection and healing! I'll be listing them in MY ETSY SHOP later this evening !

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Leila Marvel said...

Wow these are quite beautiful. I love the meaning behind them and your dreams of inspiration.


Thank you Leila love! I'm going to experiment with some new things in my shop...we'll see what happens! xo


I am very much loving your site. Every image is speaking to me, especially the sadhu and the wolf claw pendant in your Etsy shop is BEYOND. Thank you, thank you.