Monday, February 2, 2009

Shop Update!

Happy Monday Everyone! Just a quicky shop update! I have some curious covetables in MY ETSY SHOP right now:

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*a devilsh desk companion/inkwell (a must have for you evil witches and warlocks) "We always use- blood, it's more permanent."

*Gypsy Tasseograpy Tea Cup Set...I also have a matching set of 2 in the shop!

*Vintage Heroine Chic French Apothecary jar...I also have a Mandragora jar (aka Mandrake Root) last one!

*and the latest assortment of Supernatural Specimens and Black Forest Relics!

Have a lovely week! xo LL


Alice said...

What an amazing ink there's the thing that would finally convince me to make the switch to fountain pen!

Verhext said...

I can't even deal with those teacups. I need an extremely well paying job immediately. i think my prosperity spells lately have been too based in fear & need and not a prosperity of spirit and openness! eeek clutchy!

Julianna said...

Yay I'm always oh so happy when you reveal new items. Oh how I love the sorceress serpent lithograph!
if only i weren't a poor college student...