Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Remembering Salem

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Salem Candle by D.L. & Co. ~ Created in remembrance of the Salem Witch Trials: "New England maple, hickory and walnut are set ablaze in a ravenous bonfire consuming the imagination" In colonial Massachusetts, between February 1692 and May 1693, over 150 people were arrested and imprisoned based on accusations of Heresy and Witchcraft. The two courts convicted twenty-nine people of the capital felony of witchcraft. Nineteen of the accused, fourteen women and five men, were executed.


Hannah said...

This sort of stuff is so fascinating. I'd love to read more on it, do you know any good books?

Leila Marvel said...

Oh I love this, reminds me of my trip last fall to Salem, that place is like the twilight zone, def a very different vibe than the norm. I really wanted to go the real Gallows but didn't have enough time, though I did go on a ghost tour to the Salem Prison which is said to be haunted, it is also directly next to the large Salem cemetery, where Giles Corey was crushed to death.


Hi Hannah! I don't have any book recommendations in particular about the actual Salem Witch Trails. Most of the material is written from a HIStorical perspective and published by misogynist, patriarchal historians and can be rather boring...

I do recommend a great documentary called "The Burning Times" by Donna Read. It's about the witch persecutions that swept through Europe. The Witch Hunts went on for about 300 years and an estimated 9 million were killed during the Inquisitions. (Some argue that figure is grossly exaggerated and say it was more like 200,000-500,000) It's told by a Feminist's very enlightening! You can watch it here:

Donna Read also made another amazing film called "Goddess Remembered"


Lucky girl! I would love to go to's on my top 5 travel destinations in the United States!

Empress said...

Point of correction - no one was burned in Salem. Burning was a European method. The Americans were hung and, as mentioned, Giles Corey was crushed to death. But I would still buy one of these, because my ancestress was one of those hung.

Monica said...

Ah the synchronicity, I just watched the woman's spirituality trilogy by Donna Read of which "The Burning Times" is part of. I too recommend this and the other two films.

I would love to try this candle. I have the Winchester one and it is truly delightful.

Courtney Brooke said...

Darling come and visit I will snag you away to Salem MA and Salem NH(america's stone henge) we can take the johnny apple seed trail there. And then eat taffy in the house of seven gables. xo