Friday, May 15, 2009

Nature Girls Rock!

I need to take a moment to do a little shout out to two fabulous girls! Emine of Cloven Hoof Jewelry and Pamela of Pamela Tuohy Jewelry! Not only are these girls are both talented couture jewelry designers inspired by Natural History...they are both sweet, thoughtful and generous! Incidentally, both of their jewelry collections can be found at Urban Flower Grange Hall.

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I feel privileged to say I actually have a collection of Cloven Hoof Jewelry! Emine and I trade jewelry...and she always throws in something extra, she just can't control herself! This time she threw in this fabulous taxidermy deer eye rosette pin! Thank you Emine...I LOVE everything!!!

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Check out these giant rhinocerous beetle brooches! The locket opens on one of them and has red jeweled eyes! I also have a tiny green jewel beetle necklace that I cherish! Her website is currently undergoing a tranformation but I'll let you all know as soon as she relaunches!

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I wrote about Pamela Tuohy's gorgeous 'Lovers Eye' jewelry here a while ago. She was really happy to be featured here and said she enjoyed reading through the archives of my blog. When she asked me for my address I thought she was going to send me a post card or a lil' something. I couldn't believe my eyes as I opened the package she sent me...I cried! A lovely keepsake box containing one of her beautiful, one of a kind necklaces was accompanied by the sweetest most thoughtful note! And look, it's an OWL!!! Thanks again Pamela...I LOVE my necklace!!!


Mon Petit Fantome said...

Oh my!!! What beautiful jewelry hun. I had no idea about these two talented ladies. Thanks for sharing sweets!!

Christie said...

Those are beautiful!