Friday, January 4, 2008

Grotesque Beauties

The art form known as taxidermy has a little place in my heart. A morbid curiosity, I know! But before you shake your animal loving head in disgust, let me explain. The taxidermy revival has brought a new breed of artisians with it called rogue taxidermists. They restore vintage taxidermy, and use found hem, roadkill! Some also take on commissions to do pet memorials. Yes, you too can immortalize your pet when he/she dies!

I'm particularly interested in a certain genres of taxidermy. First, Crypto-taxidermy is the creation of imagined species, like winged cats, jackalopes, and unicorns, ect... This sort of thing was popular with the Victorians who would display these creations in their Curiosity Cabinets (Wunderkammer) You would also find these kind of creations in traveling circus sideshows. Popular sideshow attractions such as two headed animals, or mumified bodies of mermaid creatures, half monkey, half fish... Second, Anthropomorphic taxidermy is where stuffed animals are dressed as people, engaged in human activities, a Tea Party perhaps! Check out these "Grotesque Beauties".

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This one is my favorite, it's Esmeralda, the Fortune Telling Chicken!
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