Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What Time Is It Mr. Fox?

I have a love/hate relationship with Time. This is due mostly to the fact that I have a very different perception of it "Time" as most people do. I believe the Soul has the ability to transend the confines of linear time frames. So I generally feel restricted by 3-Dimentional time structures: The origins of the current measurement system go back to the Sumerian civilization of approximately 2000 BC. This is known as the sexagesimal system based on the number 60. 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour – and possibly a calendar with 360 (60x6) days in a year (with a few more days added on). Twelve also features prominently, with roughly 12 hours of day and 12 of night, and 12 months in a year (with 12 being 1/5 of 60).

I have a Tattoo (half sleeve) of the Goddess Kali on my right arm. She wields a sword, that represents cutting the strings of bondage to 3-Dimentional reality. On the interior part of my arm I have an hourglass that is shattered, the sands of time flowing out into space. This represents my tireless pursuit of Enlightenment via Transcendental Meditation.

I love this pocket watch by the White Rabbit Watch Company ! It runs backwards with backward numbers and keeps perfect time in reverse! Madness...I love it!
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However, I realize the nessesity of operating within these human time frames, so I've decided to invest in a new alarm clock. I was terribly disenchanted by all the digital products on the market. Ugly!!! I have an Ikea gift card from my Mom that I've been meaning to use, so I thought I'd check out their website. I found the perfect clock, and it's only $6.99! I love antique reproductions! It's currently unavailabe online..but the website gives you an option to search stores near you...
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If I had an abundance of petty cash I'd invest in a timepiece by Roger Wood. But I don't, so I will keep him bookmarked and dream. His creations are part art assemblage part functional clock. I love this exploding alarm clock!
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