Friday, March 14, 2008

Absinthe is so 2007

Ever since Absinthe became legal, obtaining a bottle just isn't as fun. But don't believe the hype... Absinthe available in the United States is crap! It's made with southernwood rather than wormwood. No wormwood means no thujone, no thujone means no dancing with the green fairy! I still stand by my favorite Absinthe source, the Green Fairy Organization for real Imported Absinthe. But like I said the thrill is gone, pulling out a bottle of Absinthe at a cocktail party just doesn't have the same effect now that we have cheap American substitutes. So what to do you ask? How about authentic Thai Scorpion Vodka! Or perhaps you'd like to try some Cobra Whiskey! Come on I dare ya!
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O.K. I don't want to drink it either...but it will look cool sitting on my shelf! If you'd like your own check out Thailand Unique for all kinds of strange delicacies. Like those roasted buffalo dung beetles you've been dying to try, yummy! So if Scorpions and snakes aren't your thing, check out the Extra Strong White Whiskey Infused with Reindeer Horns and Herbs. Oh, I're a Vegan? Well they have Vodka infused with 9 special medicinal roots, stalks and shoots. And it's an Aphrodisiac...yay!
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A Fanciful twist said...

Did I already tell you I ADORE your banner? Well I do! :) Oh, Absinthe!! It has always fascinated me... I don't know about the cobra and stuff... I would be afraid it would come back to life... Plus, it's juices in my drink.. I dunnnno... HEeeee, but YES, I want it for my shelf!!! ;) (Oh and I love those medicinally infused ones!! Sounds fascintating!)

Elizabeth Liang said...

Absinthe lollipops!

Ulla said...

Love the idea of drinking raindeer horns and herbs - so hedge witchy... I have a bottle of true absinthe sitting in the cupboard - so want one of those amazing glass servers to set it off... I can always count on finding wonderful left of center goodies here!

Christie said...

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