Monday, March 31, 2008

The Hermitage

If you haven't already explored the enchanted world of The Hermitage, you are missing out! Her blog is so amazing...Folkloric bliss! I really can't explain the feeling I get when looking at her touches my soul!Image Hosted by
Imagine living in an Gypsy Caravan, traveling though the lush green landscapes and untamed forests. Sitting around the campfire at night, dancing, laughing, drinking, and telling folktales! Passing through villages to sell your wares at the markets.
The Hemitage Website
Riva's Blog
Etsy Shop


Rima said...

Hello Lady Lavona... thanks so much for your lovely words and for your Dandelion recipe :) I am so chuffed to hear that you are touched by my world :) Thank you. I must say you have a wonderful collection of things here ..
About prints of my herbal alphabet - I am thinking of offering them as a set of small roughly 7" x 5" prints - all 23 of them. How does that sound? Or would you be interested in them larger? I have put an A4 Lavender in my shop :)
Thank you so much for your encouragement... Rima

MCM at Bittersweet said...

I agree - The Hermitage is a wonderful blog to visit and explore. :-)

Edgar and Edgar said...

Always a delight to visit your blog!!!!


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